Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wedding Prep

We had the opportunity to spend 2 weeks at the Clifford's home working along side them to get projects accomplished before the big day. Great memories mingled with sweat and tears were shared as we worked to finish the list of tasks together. It was a beautiful time of blessings and family bonding.

Planner and list maker

Around the House
Welding and building a porch railing

Refinishing and hanging cabinet doors 

Putting up siding

Lawn and Garden

Island Work & Wedding Site
Cutting away cat tails

Clearing the island

Placing steps up the island bank

shading the flowers from the summer heat


Bucking hay
Seating for the guests

Food and Relaxing

Aunt Lisa's home made doughnuts made for an amazing breakfast treat!

Brothers and their "hairy" faces... :p

Delicious meals

The bridal party minus the bride and groom... :)

As the wedding day drew near, we were grateful for the willing hands that so many of our friends contributed to help with final preparations. Thanks to all for your hard work!! Your gift of time was a blessing!  

Getting close to completion!! :)

Wedding pictures soon to come!