Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter Fun

Ice Skating! 
This was the first year our family enjoyed ice skating since moving to NM, as well as our first time skating in the great out doors instead of an indoor rink, and we were happy to have it be with such great friends!! What a grand time!

Me, Nathan, Andrew, Jessie, Tyler, Starla, Danny, Jared
Jack and Admiral :)

Beautiful views from the top of Sunrise Mt.

This activity has become a favorite among our family and near-by friends giving us the blessing of making memories as we glide through God's beauty together.

Tyler and Dad

Although we spend a lot of time gracefully falling...

... we sometimes even look graceful on our feet! :)

Graceful or not... it's all about the fellowship!

Natasha, Jessie, Nathan, and I