Friday, May 25, 2012

Maryland by way of Kentucky

During our trek to Maryland, we stopped by our friends, the Trouts, who operate a dairy farm in Sedila, Kentucky. Twice a day we enjoyed the new experience of learning how to milk cows. 

Cleaning up after milking- Andrew hosing out the parlor

Running water through all the equipment

 Feeding the calves was one of my (Rebecca's) favorite jobs! 

My little friend, Johannah

 Going for a joy ride

Buddies- Andrew and Josiah

Andrew fixing small engines with helpers, Josiah and Jessie 

Johannah helps hold and give just the right tools.

Johannah's goat heard

A day of rest and an afternoon walk around the farm

In the evenings and between chore times, we enjoyed games of volleyball. Winners were privileged to more sleep the next morning, while the rest woke up to undertake the 4am milking. :)

Group shots

Top row, left to right- Tyler Trout, Tyler, Caitlyn Trout, Carleigh Trout, Rebecca, Ally Terwilliger, Courtney Trout, Andrew, and Zack Terwilliger
Bottom row- Johannah, Jesse, and Josiah Trout

We thank the Lord for the gift of friendships, fun times, and sweet memories!

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