Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Andrew Turns 24... Today!!

But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us. Romans 8:37 

Andrew is a caring, compassionate, people loving person. He's loyal and devoted. His love for reaching out to people in our community is contagious, and has inspired us to join him in avenues the rest of us may never have thought of. Teaching is one of his many talents. He is very motivated and is a hard worker; loves to keep busy, and thrives when his shop is full of engines that need fixing. He has a purpose for living; to honor the Lord and spread His love and truth to others. So much joy is brought into our home by the way he showers love on all of us in a way that is uniquely Andrew's. This expression compels us to love him all the more! 

Andrew's highlights of the past year
  • Honduras
-Working at the orphanage
-My little friend, Cindy
-Meeting Oscar and continuing to build that relationship
-The water falls and other great times 
  • My boy Jack-o!
-Hikes and tadpole hunting
-Making him a shop dog
  • Briggs training in Kansas City!
-Time with Dad, Ty-boy, and John-boy
-learning new skills
  • Trips back to Maryland
-Time on the family farm
-Time with Alex & Akeem and many other close friends
  • Biking!
-Blind bike ride
-The opportunity to meet Courtney, and the privilege it was to get to know her and learn from her experiences.
-500 mile bike trip, which I rode in memory of my Aunt Sandy
(Check out the blog: Pedaling 4 Prevention)
-Time with friends
-The feeling of accomplishment at the finish line
So looking forward to next year!!
  • The Grand Canyon
-Time with MomMom and the family
  • Camping at Glacier
-Fellowship with friends
  • Luke & Chantee's wedding
-Witnessing of a beautiful union
-The opportunity to help by organizing prelude music
-Time with friends
  • Campout with Jared, Nebb boys, and my bro!
-Great talks, great memories!
  • Family time!
-Projects together around the property
-A.T. Your Service & South Western Supply
-Biking with Becky
-Racquet ball; a new activity we all have really enjoyed as a family and with friends! 
-And just being at home with my family
  • Learning to trust God more fully in every facet of my life.


  1. Happy Birthday Andrew! Or are you Tyler?! haha

    Hope you have a really wonderful new year of life, filled with all of God's best! :-)

  2. Wow, has it really been 3 years since we met?! :O Time surely flies. Blessings on your birthday, Andrew! Praise the Lord for how He's been guiding you and using you to reach out to others. Keep up the good work. :)