Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day To The Best!

  Where would I be without my father? I'm sure I don't know. This past year I've come to appreciate him in greater degrees as a close confidant and friend. Not only from working with him on a daily basis, but from learning from the wealth of wisdom he holds in life experience. I don't know what I'd do or where I'd be if it hadn't been for his input in many of this past year's life situations. I know God divinely placed him in my life for such a time as this…

Where to begin… there are so many incredibly awesome areas of my dad’s life that have greatly impacted my life. Innumerably my dad has given up his desires and life for us all. Over the years countless stories of the early days of family life have sifted to the surface asserting the sacrifices he has made in our behalf. Working day and night shifts to make sure that we were in need of nothing. His continual forgoing has spoke volumes to me that words or other means would never have. I praise the Lord for you, dad, and the example you have set not only for me but others. Love you.

I’ve been blessed beyond what I could have asked for throughout the past many months. These blessings have come due to working along side my dad. He has given me an education that no traditional school could have given. Late last year when we opened a retail store in the hardware and feed industry, I was to learn far more than just what nuts and bolts cost. I’ve been able to enter into my father’s brilliant business mind and learn from the pearls of wisdom that he has gained along the many years of his life as an entrepreneur.
My dad has taught me the importance of keeping integrity as a high priority in my work along with every area of my life. His daily love for God has inspired me to also have a love for my Creator and to please Him through the choices that I make for my future.

A father's love towards his little girl, and her's toward him, is nothing to be compared with. There's something to it that I can't explain… Something so deep and precious, something that cannot be replaced or duplicated by any other thing. I think it must be a special gift from heaven… A gift that every father and daughter should posses. Its a relationship quite similar to that of every Christian and their Heavenly Father, really. I am so thankful for the gift of my dad and the relationship we share. The blessing from my daddy's sensitive words, the look of tenderness and deep adoration in his eyes for me as he has and continues to guide me through the paths of life, his constant love and care, all remind me of the tender compassion and unfailing love of my Heavenly Father. And I have found that this tender affection between us grows even stronger, just as it does with my Heavenly Father, as I choose to willingly give my heart in perfect love and submission to him… 
Thank you for being the best, for all those growing up years when you would tuck me in to the song, Butterfly Kisses, for all the daddy/daughter dates, for being an example to me of my Father in Heaven, for just being you and showering your love upon me.  
Forever and always, I'll be your little girl…

We love you Dad! 


  1. Awww, so sweet, Rebecca. :) Almost makes me envy you. ;) But I have a pretty awesome step-dad, who's so much better to me than my own father ever could have been. God is good, all the time. :)