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As most of you may know, our family had the opportunity to meet some of our dear friends in Honduras for a mission trip. And what an incredible experience it was!!  Our desire was to minister and be a blessing to the Honduran people, but God used this experience to also enrich our lives, drawling us closer to Him....

Our arrival
 San Pedro Sula airport, our first experience where little english was spoken.

 Going through immigration and customs. What an experience to attempt to explain to a government official who and what you are doing when neither of you speak the same language. 

In the bus station

We rode the bus for over 2 hours to Santa Barbra, then loaded into the back of a pick up truck for 30 minutes to the village of La Zona. Although the bus looks modern, it had been well used before being  imported from the USA.

La Zona
While in Honduras, La Zona was our home away from home. Here are some sights of the village and surrounding views...

The mission, Maranatha Medical Ministries, is where we stayed. The location was absolutely stunning. Banana, citrus, papaya and avocado trees were planted throughout the grounds. There were magnificent tropical trees sprinkled throughout, along with an array of gardens and flowers. This area gives a glimpse of what Eden must have been like. 

The church we attended and shared messages was started by the mission. We met here three times each week for prayer, singing, and worship. This church is attended by a very dedicated local population in an area that is dominated religiously by the Catholic Church.   

A pila- this is where we washed our laundry. All of the modern conveniences of home.  

Washing consists of a rinse, then rub soap onto the clothes, next scrub over the metal wash board, rinse again...

...then ring the water out of the clothes and hang to dry.

Its a common sight to see clothes out to dry on fences and lines.

Beautiful views of the area surrounding La Zona.

Leaf-cutter ants, the most abundant wildlife around.

Main street, downtown La Zona.

Interesting tack used to carry coffee beans down the mountain or to ride on. The days typically began with the sound of the pack horses and men ascending the mountain to harvest coffee beans, tend the banana groves, check cattle, or haul wood. This time of year, the main source of income for most of the villagers is picking coffee beans. The average daily income is L100 - L200 (Limpera) which is the equivalent to a little more than $5 - $10.

The days harvest starts on the mountain top, has beans bagged and transported down the mountain, and ends with the washing of the beans and re-bagging for sale.  

A local dwelling in town. Many were made of homemade brick and mud, or sticks and mud.

The mission and church were in need of some repairs. 

Replacing gutters

A little mishap

Painting the church

We shared messages and music at the local church.  A new experience was speaking with translators.

Teresa, our main translator

Quint sharing on obeying Christ and following His call.

Dad spoke on following God's will through our personal testimony.

Singing a special music with the Dysinger family.

Tyler, sharing the story of Esther and her obedience. Elsa was his interpreter.

Andrew speaking on Heaven.

A message from two young hearts encouraging the youth to be separate from worldly influences.

On Saturday afternoons, we hiked into the mountains to near by villages and gave Bible studies, as well as sang songs and told stories to the children. The villagers were all smiles when they saw us coming, and eager to listen as we shared God's love.   

Hiking up and up and up...

Break time just before entering the village.

A view from the top looking out from one of the villages.

A season of prayer before entering the village

A couple after Bible study.

Rosa, Angelica, Kirsten, and Rebecca

Rene translated for us as we shared stories to the local children.

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara is the nearest city to La Zona and where we did our shopping. It was amusing to see the looks on the peoples faces as they saw 13 Americans walking through the streets. All were very gracious and helpful in spite of our inadequate knowledge of the language.  

Other than walking, riding in the back of pick-up trucks was our means of transportation. 

Buying food in the market place

The mission has a restaurant in Santa Barbra. We spent Dad's birthday painting the inside and parts of the outside.

Helping prepare a special birthday meal

 Lasagna, green beans, salad, and bread sticks

Dad with his Honduran birthday cake... Torta Fria (hard to explain, you really need to experience one!)

Time at the Orphanage
 Hogar is home to 70 children ranging from newborn to 18. Our family was touched by the visits…the children were so sweet and adorable...they stole our hearts!
Days spent here were a special highlight to us all. In the mornings we worked with the older children, and played or told stories to the younger ones.

Working on the clothes lines


Preparing new ground 

Working in the garden

Meal preparations

Story time

"Loving up" the children

Game time

Playing soccer with the older kids in the afternoons

Lunch time in the cafeteria

Logan, a student missionary who lives and works at the orphanage. 

Medical ministry is the right hand of the Gospel. Dentistry is a much needed and welcomed service in the local villages. There is a vast lack of knowledge concerning dental hygiene and oral health.  

Assisting with the dental work at the orphanage and a nearby village. 

Children observing us from outside the window

While some of us assisted with dental, the rest of us gave out oranges to the children and spiritual tracks to the adults.

The dentistry, although a little primitive, is very effective and greatly needed and appreciated. A coupling with education on health and hygiene would dramatically increase the effectiveness and create lasting effects.

Hikes and the Waterfall
We enjoyed hikes with the local youth. The views were simply breathtaking…

Just a couple days before we left, our Honduran friends took us up the mountain to a bat cave.

Washing off the bat guano in a stream on the way back

Swinging on vines

We found some wild honey... in a termite mound! 

Hot water was hard to come by. We made many visits to the waterfalls to wash, which was quite thrilling!  We enjoyed the falls on hot days after working too.  

Honduran Hospitality
Our new friends poured out their love to us in so many ways. One way was the delicious food they made us! They showed us how to make Honduran tamales wrapped in banana leaves and balleadas with hand made tortillas. There's an art to making Honduran tortillas. We tried to learn, but ours never turned out quite so perfect. 

Finished balleadas

Learning to make tamales

Washing banana leaves to wrap the tamales 

Cleaning banana leaves over a wood burning oven

The fruit was heavenly!

Lemons the size of grapefruits

Early one morning the boys hiked up the mountain to fetch fresh bananas

Enjoying a church fellowship meal on one of our last days together... A first for the local congregation. The food was delicious!

With the youth from the mission and church

Close to our heart
It was a blessing to meet and make many new friends. Though miles apart, they each hold a special place in our heart.

With Joe and Elsa Willis- the couple who founded the mission, church and restaurant.

Rebecca's new little friend, Aby

Quint and Oscar

Mom and Jessenia 

Tyler and Douglas

With our friend, Oscar

Headed Home
Food sold on the bus

Sights along the way

The bus station

The airport

Goodbyes... Rene and Roger came to see us off

Just before boarding our plane back to the states...we had mixed emotions!

Good bye Honduras...

Ending Thoughts
Our lives have been changed and we are eternally grateful to the Dysinger family for inspiring  us to join with them in spreading God's love to this country. These beautiful memories are etched in our hearts and what a joy it was to minister together to reach hearts for the Lord! 

Psalm 96

 O sing unto the Lord a new song:
sing unto the Lord, all the earth.
 Sing unto the Lord, bless His name;
shew forth His salvation from day to day.
Declare His glory among the heathen,
His wonders among all people.
For the Lord is great, and greatly to be praised:
He is to be feared above all gods.


  1. Happiness. Thanks for the picture review, friends! So glad you had a blessed time.

  2. Brings back so many memories. So happy you had such a wonderful time! Makes me want to go back even more… Can't wait to hear more in-depth stories sometime! And Uncle Cliff—you really got a birthday treat! I loved Torta Fria when I was there! :) I tried making it but it didn't turn out the same… :)

  3. Thanks for sharing!! It brings back so many great memories from when we were there! I'm so glad you all were able to go there and experience the many blessings and adventures. I hope to catch up more later. I agree that Torta Fria is amazing! It is so delicious! :-)

  4. Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip! You really packed a lot into your time there. Also, fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing :)