Thursday, October 13, 2011

Snippets from the Spring & Summer

This spring and summer flew by. It was filled with traveling to fulfill ministry engagements and attend weddings as well as visit friends and family, working in the green houses, cleaning and remodeling our hardware store, visits from friends, keeping up with our side businesses and normal day to day activities. Here are a few pictures...

A family hike to Box Canyon

Quint and Rebecca decided to ride up.

 David and Caroline Collin's wedding in Tennessee

With our friends, Stanley and Piper Ivins

Preparing a fun (raw) meal with friends

Mango pies


Avocado soup

Abundant harvest

This year our greenhouses produced bushels of tomatoes, peppers, and squash and literally hundreds of cantaloupe and watermelon. Lettuce, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, radishes, carrots, cabbage, onions, and cucumbers also filled our hoop houses. We enjoyed meeting new customers and serving regulars week after week at our produce stand on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Starter plants

Selling roadside

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