Monday, November 25, 2013

Make Them One...

My brother...

Take this bride you see, 

Stand beside her 

                                  Cherish her
in tender love,

Stay with her until your days are done.

And thank the Lord each day 
                   He's made you one...

In His love.

                                  Bride, today
shall fulfill your dreams;

This man may your husband be.

Serve him with 
                undying love,

Let him know that he's your 
                                         Only one.

And thank the Lord each day He's made you one...

In His love.

                                                   Father above,
        may these children see

All You want their
              love to be...

Carry them through their darkest times...

Lead them in Your 
                        Everlasting Light

Purify their hearts with
                          Holy Fire.

Make them


The girls

The men

Quint & Becca with Skip Dodson (officiator)

A funny moment

Three generations

Clifford & Ketts extended family

The ceremony 

Amazing musicians!

top (L to R): Elisabeth, Dominic, Sammy
Bottom (L to R): Joe, Luke, Audrey, Chad

The procession

Adam Clifford (brother of the bride)
Jessica Garrett (friend of the bride & groom)

Tyler Ketts (brother of the groom)
Rebecca Ketts (sister of the groom)

Andrew Ketts (brother of the groom)
Audra Almeyda (friend of the bride)

Here comes the bride!
(escorted by her father)

"Who gives this woman to this man?"

"Her mother and I"

You may now kiss your bride!

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Clifford Ketts V!

Bustling the dress; preparing to mount

Signing the marriage license



Wonderful food

An ice sculpture of a horse head given as a gift by a good friend

Preparing for the entrance of the bridal party

Mr. & Mrs. Quint Ketts arrive!

...With their bridal entourage

Our marvelous photographers

Cake cutting

Thoughts from the bridal party

Loving words from the parents

Words of wisdom & advice from the grandparents

Thank-you's from the bride and groom


They've taken the bride for ransom!

A ransom note

They will return the bride for money

An auctioneer- just who we needed to raise the funds

"I'll give"

The collector

The bandits with the bride

Bringing her back after the ransom money was raised

The new couple preparing to leave

This is the Lord's doing; 
It is marvelous in our eyes.
Psalms 118:23


  1. Love, love, love all these pics! Thanks for posting Bex!

  2. Oh I agree with Hannah!! Totally *beautiful*!! :)

  3. This makes me happy...good memories! :)

  4. Beautiful wedding! Loved the pictures!!!

  5. Loved seeing all these photos. The wedding was beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful Christmas card. Angie

  6. beautiful wedding, and beautiful photo's and beautiful couple!

  7. Love the pictures. Thanks for posting them Becky! :)